SMASS.2 - A Sequential Multi Agent Social Simulation System.
An updated version.

Copyright 2007: Wolfgang Balzer

The SMASS.2 programmes can be copied and used under the open source regime.

I found in the paper from 2000 a 'bug'. One line in the file 'para' was not printed in the paper, namely 'type_of_neighbourhood(moore,1).' As my program had this line, and therefore ran smoothly, it was not a real bug but only a 'type-setter' bug. Sorry, but this was not my fault.

In the last years the SWI program was several times updated, some commands were changed. So I had to change the SMASS program in some places. I changed some names of the predicates for better reading.

I added some small graphic programs. So the results of a simulation can be seen in some pictures. The graphic programs could be substantially shortened.

Finally, it would be easy to zip the programs and download automatically but I did not upload this device.


Here, you can download the files of SMASS.2:


If you want only to read the files, go ahead.
Here comes the files of SMASS.2

Here comes the parameter file of SMASS.2

Here comes the file to create the data of SMASS.2

Here comes the file for the action rules of SMASS.2

Here comes the file of the auxiliary predicates for SMASS.2

Here comes the display file for SMASS.2