A new book about Artificial Societies (in German language)

Balzer, W., Kurzawe, D. and Manhart, K. 2014 Künstliche Gesellschaften - mit PROLOG,
Vandenhoek und Rupprecht, Göttingen.

For this book - KG - we created a special webside
Künstliche Gesellschaften - mit PROLOG.

We provide some examples and exercises for this book.
You can download two zipped directories,
in text (txt) format,
and in Prolog (pl) format.
The text directory contains descriptions of programms, and the Prolog directory contains
programs to run at your home computer.

To run the programs you must unpack the directories,
install SWI-Prolog (see: www.swi-prolog.org), and identify the exercise you want to use.
In each exercise you find a file " examXYZ.pl " where X, Y and Z are numbers which identify the
exercise, activate the file, and tip (in most cases): " start. "